Role Definition

The role will liaise with:

  • Package Members
  • Wider Project

The Service Provider shall perform the following activities as state below:

ACTIVITY 1 : Management Support (NOY : 11/23  to 12/25 ; TRE : 11/23 to 12/26)

Provide support to WTG Package manager (managing schedule, budget, scope, deliveries, quality, tenders, contracts, variation orders, claims, interfaces, HSE, resources, risks and stakeholders)

  • Identify needed resources and allocate internal and external resources in cooperation with the Package Manager
  • Support establishing and managing the package organisation
  • Ensure optimum distribution of tasks between the members of the package organisation and that expert knowledge is used to the extent necessary
  • Support the performance of HAZIDs, HAZOPs, risk assessments, internal reviews
  • Ensure development and implementation of QA/QC and HSE procedures for the package
  • Support the preparation of Variation Change Forms and Variation Orders
  • Ensure effective collaboration with Procurement, Legal, HSE, etc.
  • Support Schedule Management
  • Support Document Control Management
  • Support documentation management for successful hand over to O&M
  • Support the Risk Assessment and Risk Management within the package, including the monitoring of overall risks and documented risk register. Support the identification and implementation of risk mitigation actions
  • Support the identification of key project stakeholders Facilitate coordination of interfaces with other packages.

This activity applies to Activities 2 to 5 below.

ACTIVITY 2 : Engineering & Manufacturing (NOY : 11/23 to 12/25 ; TRE : 11/23 to 12/26)

Support the Package Manager in design, certification, fabrication and interface Management

ACTIVITY 3 : Transportation & Installation (NOY : 11/23 to 12/25 ; TRE : 11/23 to 12/26)

Support the Package Manager in the installation and commissioning of the Package.

ACTIVITY 4: Commissioning and Hand Over to O&M (NOY : 11/23 to 12/25 ; TRE : 11/23 to 12/26)

Support the Package Manager in the Commissioning and Hand Over to O&M of the Package.

ACTIVITY 5 : Marshalling Harbour (NOY : 11/23 to 09/25 ; TRE : End/25 to 09/26)

Support the Package Manager and Installation Manager in all operations related to Marshalling harbour.

Specifically for NOY, delivering a Contract for the operation of the Forme Joubert (dock where WTGs will be loaded out).

Participation to Meetings & Workshops

In order to ensure a continuous communication between the Client and the Service Provider, a series of meetings will be organised by Client throughout the duration of the Contract. Attendance and participation to these meetings will be key to ensure communication and alignment between the parties.

2.1 Package Meetings

The Client expects to run weekly meetings to discuss:

  • Follow up on Actions / Deliverables / Tasks.
  • Task / Deliverables prioritisation
  • Strategy and organisation.
  • Challenges and plan for the weeks ahead.

2.2 Coordination Meetings

Among the recurrent meetings organised by Client, the Service Provider may be requested to attend to monthly coordination meetings. These meetings will aim at:

  • Measuring performance of the Contract execution,
  • Reviewing upcoming needs for additional activities and termination of on-going activities as the case may be,
  • Holding discussions on challenges, difficulties, lessons learnt.

From time to time, the coordination meetings could be face-to-face meetings held in the Client’s offices in Paris-La Défense (France), Nantes (France), Saint Nazaire (France), Le Havre (France) and Dieppe (France). However, if jointly agreed, those meetings will normally be held through conference call or teleconference call.


  • The agenda of coordination meetings is at this stage preliminary and will be fine-tuned all along contract execution,
  • The frequency of these meetings may vary (increased, decreased or even suspended) during periods when exchanges do not seem to be necessary.

2.3 Adhoc Meetings & Workshops

In addition, various ad-hoc meetings or workshops will also take place. If Client judges it relevant, the Service Provider will be requested to attend to these ad-hoc meetings.


Location : Nantes, Noirmoutier, Le Tréport, Paris, Le Havre.

Frequency of travel : every 2 weeks (2/3days)

  • Start as soon as possible
  • Duration: 1 year - LONG TERM ASSIGNMENT
  • Location: Paris + Site (Nantes, Noirmoutier, Le Tréport, Le Havre)
  • Country: France
  • Contract type: Permanent or Contractor
  • Seniority level: Senior Engineer
  • Field of activity: Offshore Renewable Energy
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