Role Definition

The role will liaise with:

  • Interface Team
  • EPCI Team

The Service Provider shall perform the following activities as state below:

Activity 1: Responsible for the interface coordination between packages (daily)

  • Have a thorough knowledge of the interface matrices included in the contracts.
  • Ensuring that all interface requirements are available for application to the work on or before the required date.
  • Initiate management of interface topics for WTG foundations for both projects, such as delivery of FIM, mock-up, commissioning with support of the interface team.
  • Support OSS interface team where required.
  • Support T&I interfaces (OSS, WTG, FOU) where interfaces with related contractors.
  • Review documentation related to interfaces provided by several contractors.
  • Join internal status meetings of several packages, follow up on actions, brief interface team
  • Coordinate with several departments withing the project to align on items to be followed up during construction and O&M (e.g. installation of monitoring equipment, maintenance of FIM during construction in view of certification and conservations)
  • Align with package managers on topics where required
  • Focus on technical solutions in benefit of the project, cross packages and advise where required.

Activity 2: Lead and support the interface team (weekly)

  • Have weekly alignment meetings with the team, split between OSS interface and WTG interfaces.
  • Ad hoc support where required
  • Cooperate with team to have the interface deliverables ready
  • Go on site together with interface team to start up main activities (FIM deliveries, mock-up, commissioning, integration FIM by related contractors, if required offshore inspections)
  • Support on way forward for follow up on documentation exchange (Interface Data Sheet).

Activity 3: Support packages with the interface with the contractors (daily)

  • Organize, chair and report interface meetings for main interface topics cross contracts with all involved packages (e.g. mock-up, test procedures, commissioning FIMs)
  • Organize, chair and report specific interface meeting between 2 packages.
  • Support package managers in discussions with contractors on interface items and cooperate to practical solutions.
  • Join weekly/monthly progress meetings where required.


Participation to Meetings & Workshops

In order to ensure a continuous communication between the Client and the Service Provider, a series of meetings will be organised by Client throughout the duration of the Contract. Attendance and participation to these meetings will be key to ensure communication and alignment between the parties.

 –     Coordination Meetings

Among the recurrent meetings organised by Client, the Service Provider may be requested to attend to monthly coordination meetings. These meetings will aim at:

  • Measuring performance of the Contract execution,
  • Reviewing upcoming needs for additional activities and termination of on-going activities as the case may be,
  • Holding discussions on challenges, difficulties, lessons learnt.

From time to time, the coordination meetings could be face-to-face meetings held in the Client’s offices in Paris-La Défense or on fabrication and construction sites in Belgium, The Netherlands, France or Spain. However, if jointly agreed, those meetings can also be held through conference call or teleconference call.


  • The agenda of coordination meetings is at this stage preliminary and will be fine-tuned all along contract execution,
  • The frequency of these meetings may vary (increased, decreased or even suspended) during periods when exchanges do not seem to be necessary.

–     Adhoc Meetings & Workshops

In addition, various ad-hoc meetings or workshops will also take place. If Client judges it relevant, the Service Provider will be requested to attend to these ad-hoc meetings.


Location : Courbevoie (Essentially) – Hoboken – Fene – Noirmoutier – Tréport – St Nazaire

Frequency of Travel : 2 per month

  • Start as soon as possible
  • Duration: 12 months (extendable) - Long term opportunity
  • Location: Paris Area + On site mission
  • Country: France
  • Contract type: Permanent or Contractor
  • Seniority level: Senior Engineer, Interface Engineer
  • Field of activity: Offshore Renewable Energy
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