Project details

Offshore Floating Wind

Role Definition

Reports to the Construction Director

  • Review, coordinate and maintain work authorization for works on PGL site
  • Coordinate activities to optimize contractor performance and productive time on Site
  • Review documentation such as RAMS and ensure compliance
  • Manage interface between all stakeholders on board the floaters with the support of the Marine Coordination team
  • Monitor working practices to ensure continued compliance with HSE regulations
  • Identify any potential work clashes on board the floaters and provide safe and practical solutions to prevent lost time
  • Conduct toolbox talks and daily coordination meetings with the installation teams as required
  • Review schedules and work scopes with the PGL packages to identify areas for improvement or support if required on board the floaters
  • Issue Daily Progress Reports
  • Act as Lead HSE representative on board the floaters
  • Operate and ensure all HSE equipment on board the 3 FOWT is available, operational and its certification is up to date (with support from HSE Team)
  • When necessary operate and maintain PGL LV & Auxiliary systems
  • Monitor offshore site access and overall condition including coordination of housekeeping.
  • On a daily basis liaise with Offshore Construction Management for any issue related to PGL access or logistics
  • Organize drills and HSE visits/audits in coordination with HSE management as well as mobilize HSE support for high level operations
  • Involve the CEX for PTWs requiring his approval (level 3 permits)
  • The main parties to coordinate are:

                    • FSS/WTG/ELEC packages

                    • Commissioning team

                    • Diesel Gen CTR (Atlas)



Mandatory Trainings 

  • All GWO
  • Medical test for offshore work
  • Electrical Accreditation Training for France; B1(v) B2(v) HC/BC BR H0 as per NF C-18 510


  • contractors must have its own smart phone
  • Laptop provided by Employer


  • Will be provided by the project if required


  • Rarely, but can expected


Port De Bouc, Onshore.

CTV transfers to the floaters on demand (no offshore accommodation)

ROTATION 14 days ON / 14 days OFF

  • Start as soon as possible
  • Duration: 6 months (Renewable)
  • Location: Port De Bouc
  • Country: France
  • Contract type: Permanent or Contractor
  • Seniority level: Senior Engineer
  • Field of activity: Offshore Renewable Energy
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