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Role Definition

The pipeline installation analysis senior engineer is responsible for delivering fit for purpose rigid pipeline installation analysis to projects and/or tenders supported by the Pipeline Group with specific focus on safe and cost effective installation operations.

She/He can be in charge of a team of installation analysis project engineers, dealing with rigid pipeline installation analysis in project, FEED or tender, potentially under supervision of Installation Analysis Lead Engineer – Pipeline Group.   

She / He is responsible to the Analysis Team Lead or to the Installation Analysis Lead Engineer – Pipeline Group for the efficient day-to-day management of the installation analysis team and provide regular operational reports on general project engineering activities, technical subject matters and resource management.



Overall Responsibilities:


·       Perform in autonomy installation analysis of rigid pipeline in S-lay, J-lay and/or Reel-lay,

·       Manage an installation analysis team to ensure succesful delivery of analysis activities on all projects supported by the Pipeline Group,

·       Accountable for planning of her/his analysis scope and the one of her/his team,

·       Give direct engineering guidance to PG analysis engineers on specific subject matters

·       Responsible for ensuring that standard of engineering services provided complies with relevant company engineering standards with a clear focus on commerciality of engineering solutions

·       Ensure installation analysis solution is fit for purpose while meeting client specifications

·       Promote safety culture and initiatives to the installation engineering team throughout the onshore and offshore delivery phases

·       Participates actively to engineers training and development,

·       Participates actively to the Pipeline Group department know-how consolidation,

·       Proposes innovative solutions allowing cost & risks reduction





·       Operate within the Code of Conduct

·       Support standards and procedures for the Engineering and Operations Functions


·       Proficient with Orcaflex

·       Familiar Python and VBA are desirable

·       Undertsanding of Abaqus works is desirable

·       Able to work in teams

·       Sound communication skills

·       Excellent report writing skills with the ability to self-check and produce accurate work

·       Ability to prioritize and organize work

·       Ability to communicate at all levels within the organization

·       A demonstrable commitment to HSE and Quality

·       Shall be self-motivated and have well developed interpersonal skills

·       A willingness to travel on short assignments overseas

·       Can work to deadlines set by management

·       Commitment to Continuing Professional Development. 


Location : Paris & London area

  • Start as soon as possible
  • Duration: 3 to 9 month extendable
  • Location: Paris & London area
  • Country: France, United Kingdom
  • Seniority level: Senior Engineer
  • Field of activity: Offshore Renewable Energy
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