Role Definition

On behalf of our client, major EPCI contractor for submarine cables, we are looking for a intallation Vessel and Equipment Assurance Coordinator/Inspector. Main duties include:

1) Vessel and Equipment Assurance Coordinator

Resource shall act as Vessel and Equipment Assurance Coordinator to own and operate a Project Vessel and Equipment Assurance Programme for the NeuConnect Project.

 2) Vessel and Equipment Assurance Programme

Resource shall develop and maintain a Vessel and Equipment Assurance Programme. The main feature of the programme is a database report or (set of) control sheets that report to EPCI contractor and interested third parties e.g. End Client/MWS/authorities, the following:

1. List each and every vessel, marine unit, marine craft, major item/assembly of equipment (e.g. trenching spread, lift rigging equipment etc, winch spread, ROV spread, cable lay spread, jointing spread, cable repair spread, etc.);

2. For each of the above, list the multitude of pre-inspection reports, statutory certificates and other certificates/ documentation/ reports/ FMEA reports/ test reports etc. that will need to be in place prior to, during and after the WORK;

3. Advise the status of the above certification i.e. OPEN/CLOSE/ONGOING and with traffic light colours red/orange/green;

4. Comments explaining the status of the above status.

The report/control sheet thus provides from EPCI contractor to End Client an overview of the status of preparedness of all vessels and equipment planned for the WORK. Once ”live” the report shall be issued by COB each 2nd Thursday of the month.

3) IMCA CMID(Common Marine Inspection Document)

Resource shall support EPCI Contractor in the CMID control and verification.

EPCI contractor and Subcontractors has to provide valid IMCA CMID reports for all applicable Project Vessels (full CMID for any type of vessel of 500grt and more and/or 24m or more in length, CMID for Small Workboats IMCA M189 for small workboats/barges etc).

All craft shall be covered by inspections.

Any outstanding actions shall be reported against and satisfactorily managed to close-out e.g. by the vessel operator prior to mobilisation. Resource shall collect and verify the CMID, audit might be planned as well.

4) Vessel and Equipment Certificate Packages

Resource shall compile copies of certificates into packages and submit to End Client as a DELIVERABLE. Such packages may extend to upwards for 20-30 certificates e.g. statutory certificates.

These Vessel Equipment Certificate packages should be provided to the End Client in advance of Vessel being accepted onto the project

Resource shall collect and check the certificate and manage the submission to the End Client.

List of certificates foreseen (not finalized yet with End Client):

Vessels Statutory Certificates:

1. Insurance

2. Certificate of Registry

3. Certificate of Class

4. Last class survey status

5. Document of Compliance (DOC)

6. Safety Management Certificate (SMC)

7. Minimum safe manning

8. SPS Certificate

9. International Loadline Certificate

10. International Tonnage Certificate (ITC)

11. International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate (IOPP)

12. International Oil Pollultion Prevention Certificate with Supplement B

13. International Sewage Pollution Prevention Certificate (ISSP);

14. Engine International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate for the engines (EIAPP)(NOx)

15. International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate (IAPP) Safety Equipment Certificate (with Format E)

16. International Ship Security Certificate (ISSC)

17. Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate

18. Latest Annual DP Trial (where applicable)

19. Certificate for Test and Thorough Examination of Lifting Appliances

20. Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR)


Candiadte should have a “marine coordinator” or “marine warranty surveyor” background

Knoledge of vessel certification requirments/standards for North Sea is mandatory


Hybrid working mode - 1 monthly meeting in Milan requested

  • Start as soon as possible
  • Duration: Long term assigment
  • Location: Milan
  • Country: Italy
  • Contract type: Permanent or Contractor
  • Seniority level: Senior Engineer, Lead Engineer
  • Field of activity: Offshore Renewable Energy
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