Project details

Offshore wind Saint Nazaire project in France (Installation of IA cables)  

Role Definition

A good knowledge of EIVA software would be required

You will be supporting the Cable Package on technical and project related tasks..Your function will cover the area of Survey,  that are related to the works of Offshore Cable Installation. Offshore Works that you will be supporting from the Client side related are amongst others:

  • Geotechnical & Geophysical Survey
  • MAG survey
  • UXO Identification and Removal
  • Route Clearance
  • Dredging
  • Cable laying (after pre-trenching)
  • Backfilling 
  • Rock Dumping
  • Pre Lay Grapnel Operations
  • Route Clearance Operations

Main Tasks will be

  • Management of route data received from contractors
    • Data admin supported using a Document Management System
    • Ensuring all parties (internal and external) have access to and are updated in time on data.
    • Revision Management 
  • Update and maintenance GIS
    • Load relevant data in GIS 
    • Liaise with GIS contractor 
  • Alignment of Crossing and Proximity agreements
    • Notification and liaison of close proximity to asset owners.
  • Charting
    • Extract Charts from GIS for detailed route information for stakeholders (Governmental, third parties, contractors,…)
    • Revise alignment charts and make printouts regularly
    • Keep “Masterplan Offshore” updated 
  • QA/QC of surveys conducted by the Cable Contractor
    • Review of the Method Statements
    • Review of the used equipment
    • QA/QC of the (intermediate) data
    • Review of the Reports
  • QA/QC of Installation works
    • Trench profiles
    • Burial depth
    • Laid positions
    • Backfill quality and profiles
  • Support possible future offshore projects
    • Technical input in Tender for new Surveys 
    • Technical expertise in route selection. 


  • Master  of Science,  Geography, Geomatics or similar by experience.
  • Excellent level of English language + knowledge of Dutch is a strong asset.
  • Softskills – Diplomatic, team player, communication skills, flexibility, working in multicultural team.
  • Hardskills – EIVA  , AutoCAD, Microsoft Office suite with extended knowledge of Excel.


Position based France (saint nazaire) offshore 

  • Start as soon as possible
  • Duration: From 4 september to 20 September
  • Location: Saint Nazaire (offshore)
  • Country: France
  • Seniority level: Lead Engineer
  • Field of activity: Offshore Renewable Energy
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