Our drivers

Our values drive us daily in our actions and are shared by our employees and candidates.

Agile Efficiency
Reflective Listening
Multicultural Specificity
Specialists in progress

Agile Efficiency

  • A deep technical expertise that allows us to find the right solution in a tiny time  
  • Embracing the challenge of working in the constantly evolving energy sector 
  • Highly experienced in creating innovative and cost-effective solutions  
  • Able to work in the most challenging environments, including harsh environments, remote locations and ultra-deep waters

Reflective Listening

  • Your opinion counts to us and we make sure that everyone can express themself to have a high quality of communication 
  • We thoughtfully focus and understand the specific needs of our different players (International partners and employees, Universities, clients…) 
  • Our ability to build trustful relationships is based on the respect we have for different points of view 
  • We believe that good communication increases the well-being of employees and candidates 

Multicultural Specificity

  • The human qualities of the people we are working with are the key to our success 
  • We are curious about the singularity and the unicity of human being and we give value to this as defined by our code of ethics 
  • We are a multicultural company on a human scale where conviviality let us work better together 
  • Every new colleague found his place thanks a thoughtful on boarding procedure  

Specialists in progress

  • Curious learners anticipating the innovation by connecting with talents 
  • Following the energetic transition, 60% of ours projects are on renewable energies  
  • Connecting with the future talents thought the collaboration with the universities  
  • Committed to the highest HSE and Ethics standards  


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