AVENTA is a Group specialized in Marine Energies. We have oriented our development around diligent synergies between three main industries: Offshore Oil&Gas, Marine Renewable Energies and Offshore Telecom. 

Hereafter an overview of our expertise per each industries. 

Marine Renewables Energies  

AVENTA group is a pioneer in this Industry, the company has provided services since 2011 such as supporting the firsts commercial Offshore wind projects in the North Sea. Here are the activities performed in this industry: 

  • Offshore wind farm (fixed & floating) 
  • Tidal  
  • Wave converter  
  • OTEC  
  • Offshore hydrogen production 
  • Offshore interconnectors 

Offshore Oil&Gas  

AVENTA group has historically a strong track record in this industry, especially in Deepwater projects as described below: 

  • Floating Systems & Surface Facilities 
  • Installation Systems 
  • Subsea Umbilical Flowline Riser Systems 
  • Subsea Production Systems 
  • Inspection Maintenance & Repair 
  • Fixed Platform Facilities 

Offshore Telecom  

AVENTA group is highly active in the Offshore Telecom industry, currently booming with the recent 5G development worldwide. Our expertise is mainly dedicated to submarine telecom cables’ installation.

Our projects

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