We provide Engineering Solutions , Technical Assistance and Worldwide HR Solutions in Subsea & Offshore projects

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Aventa is an Oil & Gas Consulting Engineering firm.

Aventa is an Oil & Gas Consulting Engineering firm. It reported very strong growth since its creation in 2009, currently employing over 200 people accross the world. We provide a new approach to engineering consultancy, combining performance and well- being

Our consultants are specialists in their field

Aventa assists its clients throughout all the phases of their projects, delivering technical and engineering assistance. Our specialty is to get involved into a project with an agile approach, so as to be able to quickly adapt to change.

We focus on searching talents with a strong spirit of innovation

Whether you are looking for a single consultant or an entire team of engineers, we guarantee that the talents provided have the right background and expertise to hit the ground running.

We have a strong international mobility expertise

Provider of HR solutions, expert in expatriation, we support and guide our customers and employees wherever they are in the world. We deal with Taxes / Bank transfers, Visas / Work permit, Repatriation, Health coverage, Relocation.

Dedicated expertise to a single client and project

We are highly experienced in creating innovative and cost-effective solutions for the most challenging environments, including harsh environments, remote locations and ultra deep waters.

The right people you require in a tight timeframe

By outsourcing your project staffing to us, your time to hire will be significantly reduced. No need to worry about interviews or background checks: we have it covered, saving you time and money.