Our future is blue

AVENTA empowers the Marine Energy market with the sharpest skills to help design a bluer future. As a leader in providing Engineering & Consultancy services for Marine Energy projects, we have built a solid reputation over the years thanks to our long-term vision, focusing daily on technical excellence, our employees & contractors’ needs and on bringing innovative solutions to our customers.

Agility & efficiency as key drivers to tackle the Energy market’s upcoming challenges

We are a reliable, active and strongly commited player in the Marine Energy Market with multidimensional skills prepared to facing today’s numerous challenges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We design and implement projects to blue the Energy mix, all across the globe. They involve fixed Offshore Wind, Floating Offshore wind and Tidal, Wave converter, from conception and production to full implementation and maintenance.

Let’s act for a bluer future, together.

Joining a “people first” community

We believe that talent needs the ideal work environment to express itself. Always attentive to our people’s singularity and aspirations, we encourage and help our staff choose the professional path that’s right for them. As we work on the most innovative and exciting Marine Energy projects throughout the world, we help our experts find the most satisfying projects that meet their career goals.

By joining Aventa, you join a community that cares about as much about your well-being as your progression. 

Hop on board to blue the future, together!

A smart-matching tool & a blue career booster

For over 10 years, Aventa has been powering Marine Energy careers by feeding its community with the jobs that match the most their ambition and career goals. Based on a sophisticated algorithm, our job-matching tool, Aventa Job Matching (AJM), enables us to efficiently and accurately identify talents, bring satisfaction for both experts and clients and help boost your career. With AJM and our team’s savoir-faire, save time, energy and find the projects that are right for you.