Building meaningful Partnerships with Academia to design a bluer future

Developing long-term relationships with the international academic world and research centers is an important aspect of our Corporate strategy.

We strongly believe that gathering both on-field professionals and academics from the Marine Energy sector is crucial to prepare the future and foster innovation of the emerging Offshore Wind industry. 

The Marine Energy market requires more and more trained talents. We wish to boost our partnerships with schools and universities as it represents a key to success in feeding efficiently the industry’s uprising needs. At Aventa, we foresee three types of collaboration which will help train tomorrow’s rising “Blue Stars”:

Hiring a substantial number of internships and PhD students in the coming year

As community builders, we encourage emerging talents to join the Energy transition and contribute to the development of a bluer future. The Carbon Neutrality for 2050, as well as the current geopolitical situation are two factors that will increase the demand for professionals in the Marine Renewable Energy field. Therefore, we plan to recruit trainees undergoing their last year of Engineering studies (Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, AI engineer, Naval architects) and to train them internally. We also welcome one PhD graduate/year among our Engineering branches to explore and deepen subjects around R&D on Submarine cables. It is possible to fund this program with the French CIFRE.

Contributing to the Academic Training programs

By upskilling and reskilling career paths, we intend to increase young graduates and O&G professionals’ employability in the long run. 

Thanks to our network of international consultants, we are able to:

  • Provide courses on Marine Energy-related subjects (business cases, overviews of the offshore wind international market etc.) for formal and continuing education, in French, English and Italian. 
  • Supervise PhD students’ work.  

Co-building Educational programs and Research projects

For universities and training institutions interested in developing Educational programs on the Energy Transition/ MRE/Submarine Cables, we can join forces by: 

  • Helping you adjust existing Educational programs to match the the EMR market’s required skills 
  • Defining the Educational content and identifying the right speakers
  • Build projects with your students

Our partners

They help us blue the future