Aventa empowers the Marine Energy market with the sharpest skills to help design a bluer future.

As a leader in providing Engineering & Consultancy services for Marine Energy projects, we have built a solid reputation over the years thanks to our long-term vision, focusing daily on technical excellence, our employees & contractors’ needs and on bringing innovative solutions to our customers.

To successfully navigate the Energy Transition, we mainly develop projects involving Fixed Offshore wind, Floating Offshore wind and Tidal, Wave converter, from conception and production to full implementation and maintenance

Aventa structured its activities around four main business units interacting with each other to offer the smartest synergies: 

  • Consulting
  • Engineering
  • Marine Operations
  • Digital

Above all, we are community builders. We train and cherish our network of experts and clients. We source stimulating and innovative Marine Renewable Energy projects that best match our consultants’ profile and ambitions.

Our philosophy of work

We wish to share with you our “philosophy of work” that animated the evolution of AVENTA since day one. Those 4 fundamental pillars are not only words, but a real day to day marker that guide management, client relationships, strategic decisions, investments, recruitments… And interacting with each others in a systemic way.

People first

“People first” pillar is the foundation of our philosophy of work, especially when your company provide services.

It is essential to adapt ourselves to each type of personality inside the company, and particularly its evolution with time. The management of people, is the capacity to handle a gigantic human puzzle in constant transformation seeking for an equilibrium.

This process goes trough a few points that we consider as essentials: listening, respect, understanding and compassion.

It is crucial to adapt its management to each personality.

On purpose to take a wide spectrum of personality, you can find on one hand the person who aspires for very little responsibility and a very soft career evolution, which means a need of stability. And on the other hand, the one who wishes to grow strong, that is to say evolve fast in responsibility, acquire more and more skills. Each individuality are as much important and necessary to each others, the objective is to accommodate and accompany all those talents all together with harmony and meaning. As we often say we do not hire first skills but an attitude. Our role is to empower people.

Constant Quality

For obvious reasons when the previous pillar is respected, it is feeding this second pillar, which is the quality of work provided to the client and most of all, the fact to ensure its constant satisfaction.

This wish of excellence always fuelled us since day one and still is an integral part of our developments. It requires a high degree of demand towards all interface of the company such as suppliers, engineers, technicians, back office, freelancers, interns, founders, managers, yourselves etc…in order to serve the best quality possible to our customers. We see quality as a marathon of work, not a sprint, a performance must be seen in the long run.

Cutting edge

Following our previous pillar, the quality goes as well trough a consistent need to question ourselves, our processes in order to progress, innovate and encourage creativity.

“Cutting edge” has an asymptotic need of perfection.

This pillar is very much time, resource and energy consuming, therefore in order to be alive it must be shared in a efficient proportion by everyone on a daily basis. Not only enabling the company to enhance its technicity, efficiency and its attractivity; it is also a solid way to protect company’s longevity. Indeed, this will to engage the company towards the future is as well an insurance to open a large range of options upon the economy’s weather.

Sustainable growth

This final pillar is our ambition to target more particularly the long term, as a matter of fact a sustainable growth for AVENTA represents the only ecosystem into which we aspire the company to evolve.

We believe it is crucial to respect the company’s own capacity; Such as human, financial, technologic or organisational in order to achieve this goal.

Indeed, the company’s structuration must be solid and go trough mandatory steps so that ”growth” will not weaken its organization, durability, staff and its quality of services.

Last but not least we wish that AVENTA can contribute, on its own humble level, to the huge need of ecology of our dear planet.


Our standards