The genesis

Aventa was founded over ten years ago by Antoine Bosc and Aurélien Zuccarini, two passionate entrepreneurs, originally in Paris (France) and Milan (Italy).

Both driven by independence, innovation and confident about Marine Energy’s potential, these two entrepreneurs built a company combining high efficiency and a “people first” philosophy.

Our top priority from day one: sourcing the most skilled engineers and technicians for innovative Subsea projects.


Going global

Aventa rapidly experienced a strong global growth. In 2012, we settled in London to support the UK’s Offshore activities before partnering with an Engineering company in Jakarta (Indonesia) in 2013.

These new perspectives enabled us to diversify the company’s range of actions and to tackle new challenges all over the word.

At the same time, Aventa  developed a new Logistics Department dedicated to helping the Aventa  community. This aimed at assisting our employees, contractors and customers with international mobility related issues: providing relocation, work permits, visas, repatriation assistance, housing, etc.


Innovation as a catalyst 

Since its creation, innovation has always been the key driver for all development. It all started in 2011 with the first version of  AJM 1.0 (Aventa Job Matching), a job-matching system based on a performant algorithm. In the early stages, Aventa was one of the first companies in its sector to develop an innovative social networking tool to accurately source the needed resources. AJM then evolved every year, with additional improvements and functionalities. As detailed further, in 2015, Aventa pursued its expansion by investing and founding a new company specialized in Marine Renewable Engineering.


First steps in engineering & renewables

In 2015, alongside with Tecnoconsult, an Italian Engineering company specialized in Pipeline works applications, Aventa created a new company, A&T, to join forces and provide their clients with a wide range of services and a single point of contact. 

Aventa’s strong commitment to preparing the future with alternative Marine Energies and interest in innovation has led the company to acquire Kraken in 2016. The founders oriented the company’s development around Submarine cables, a technical transversal bridge between Offshore Oil&Gas and Marine Renewable Energies.

As Kraken is specialized in Submarine cable design and installation. This latest acquisition seemed like the obvious move to work towards a bluer future.



Building a blue community 

We are community builders, eager to gather Marine Energy experts from across the globe.

Thanks to partnerships with top experts, schools and universities, a second version of AJM (Aventa Job Matching 2.0) was developed. This enriched platform, based on a sophisticated algorithm, made it possible to manage not only the candidate selection process but also filter skills that are required on current Marine Energy projects 

2021 – 2025

Our commitment for a bluer future

The largest space in the world is the sea, which can generate clean and renewable energy. To unlock the full potential of the Blue Economy, Aventa now wishes to invest in new blue skills, careers and innovations. Furthermore, the Blue Economy contributes to the transformation towards a Carbon-neutral, circular and biodiverse Economy.

We are proud to include over 200 people within Aventa, from all across the globe, providing a unique approach from Engineering to Consultancy and Marine Operations, combining technical excellence, human resources and planning.

To keep a constant an ever high-standard quality while Aventa  is actively growing, we have developed a specific strategy to strengthen our skills: creating Engineering Hubs geographically close to competencies’ locations worldwide.

Because dialogue is key, we’ve been working on a tool that will help strengthen even more our bonds with the Marine Energy community: WeAventa. This exclusive online tool we are currently developing will soon enable our network to more easily interact with one another. 

Thanks to the “Aventa  Academy” program, we train and certify our engineers and Offshore consultants to reinforce their skills or and/or to enable them to have a smooth transition from Fossil Energies to the Marine Renewable Energy sector.

More than 75% of our projects today are in Renewables. We know the challenge is ambitious, but we are already in motion to design and build a bluer future.