Our history

2010. The beginning

Aventa was established by two co-founders 10 years ago, Antoine Bosc and Aurélien Zuccarini, with two original locations in PARIS and MILANO. The desire of independence and innovation of these young professionals naturally led them to entrepreneurship and to build a structure that would embody their philosophy: efficiency and people first.
Finding highly competent engineers & technicians for Subsea projects has been the core market since the early stages of Aventa.

2012. Going international

The first years, the company has experienced a strong growth globally. Aventa settles in London UK (2012) in order to support UK Offshore activities and then builds up a partnership in Jakarta Indonesia (2013) with a local engineering company. These new perspectives have allowed to extend the range of action and to meet new challenges all over the word. In the meantime, Aventa created a new Logistics Department focused on international mobility with the objective of providing relocation, work permit, visa, repatriation assistance to its employees, contractors and costumers.

2013. Innovation as a catalyst 

Since the creation, innovation has always been the DNA of all development. As a matter of fact it has started in 2011 with the first version of AJM 1.0 (Aventa Job Matching), a job matching system based on a performant algorithm. Moreover in the early stages, Aventa was one of the first companies in its sector to use social networks to source with accuracy the needed resources. AJM will evolve every year with new improvements and functionalities. As detailed in the next paragraph, in 2015 Aventa will have pursued its expansion by investing & founding a new company specialized in Marine Renewable engineering.

2015. First steps in the engineering

In 2015, together with Tecnoconsult, an Italian engineering company specialized in pipeline works applications, Aventa created a company named A&T in order to join forces and offer to their clients a large scale of services with one single point of contact.  

Furthermore, Aventa’s strong commitment to prepare the future with alternative marine energies and its interest in innovation has lead the company to acquire Kraken Subsea Solutions (KSS) in 2016. In effect the owners have oriented the company’s development around diligent synergies between three main industries: Offshore Oil&Gas, Marine Renewable Energies and Offshore Telecom. KSS, an engineering company specialized in the design and the installation of submarine cables, will have become an additional asset to achieve this goal. 

2017. Developing a community of experts 

To pursue its philosophy and build up a strong international network of specialized professionals in the marine energies Aventa group has combined close partnerships with Universities, experts and pursued the evolution of its digital tool with the second version of AJM 2.0 (Aventa Job Matching). This platform is based on a sophisticated algorithm which allows from now on not only to manage the candidate selection process but also to find the ideal competence for all marine energy projects specifications. 

2021. Our commitment for the future

Currently we count by more than 46k followers on LinkedIn and we are employing over 150 people across the world providing a unique approach from engineering to consultancy by combing technicity, human resources and planning. A new application named WEAventa will be released during the year offering its community a unique way to reinforce the quality of its connections between each other. Aventa Group wants to be a key player of the current revolution occurring in the Energy sector by bringing innovations and serving the transition as best as possible. Since 2020, more than 70% of our projects are in renewables, the challenge has started, and the future is near. 

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