Created in 2015 this Business Unit focuses on engineering services for the Marine Energy sector, with a core competence on submarine cables. We also develop through R&D (Research and Developments) programs specific innovations to reinforce our Clients’ needs. Moreover we believe this Engineering business unit creates a powerful synergy with Consulting services.

Founded by AVENTA Group in 2016, Kraken Subsea Solutions (also called KSS) is an engineering office located in Bidart (France) specialized in the electrical, thermal and mechanical design of submarine power cables, marine installation and related engineering studies as environmental and geotechnical.

Its services comprise engineering work from concept to project execution for the different actors of the European energy sector: wind farm developers, floating installation companies, cable suppliers, transmission system operators, O&G installation companies and operators. We deliver the following activities for interconnectors, export cables, static and dynamic inter-array cables, in both AC and DC:

  • Cross section design of submarine cables, according to the applicable electrical, thermal and mechanical international standards
  • Global analysis of submarine cables, comprising cable protection system design and analysis of all types of configurations for dynamic cables (lazy wave, pliant wave, steep S), stability analysis, free span, VIV, etc.
  • Installation engineering including site studies, CBRA, design of installation method, analysis, risk assessment, interface management and offshore site management, etc.
  • Owner engineering: preparation of calls for tender, CAPEX estimates, etc.

This company is a Joint Venture created in 2015 between AVENTA and TECNOCONSULT (Italian engineering firm based in Fano, Italy). A&T bring mainly PMC (Project Management Contract) services to its clients. The cooperation between those two companies offers an efficient combination of competences synergy and enlargement of capacities. With a tradition of international projects, A&T can support its client globally and in remote areas.

Research & Development

With the support of Kraken Subsea Solutions, our R&D department is very active to innovate in the Marine Energy sector with a strong focus on Marine Renewable Energy activities. We keep high focus on our own R&D development program as well as supporting partners in different topics as monitoring (temperature, burial depth, mechanical restrictions), biofouling, electromagnetism or maintenance. Our engineering tools are well proven among the most advanced in the market for the offshore sector, as Orcaflex, Autocad, Inventor or UFLEX2D. In addition, we develop and optimize internal calculation tools for the application of the industrial standards for cable and accessories design.

CaLiCyA meaning Cable Life Cycle Assurance is a Joint Venture between KRAKEN SUBSEA SOLUTIONS and FEBUS OPTICS (french company specialized in Fiber Optics applications) created in 2018. The purpose of this association is to develop a robust power cable monitoring through real time, continuous and distributed measurement of:

  • Temperature profile
  • Hot spot detection and RRTR solutions
  • Shock detection
  • Bending radius, tensile load (compression and traction) of dynamic cable
  • Movement detection of static cable
  • Depth of burial and partial discharge detection (development ongoing)

This monitoring would be performed during each critical phase of the cable life cycle:

  • Production
  • Transportation
  • Transpooling
  • Deployment
  • Operations

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