Launched in 2015, this Business Unit is dedicated to providing Engineering services for the Marine Energy Sector, with a core competence on Submarine cables. We gather teams from Aventa and our subsidiary Kraken Subsea Solutions (KSS) to develop specific and tailored services for our clients to best answer their needs.

Providing Engineering Excellency

Aventa’s Engineering teams are specialized in the electrical, thermal and mechanical design of Submarine Power cables, Marine installation and related Engineering studies (environmental and geotechnical).

We offer Engineering services from conception to project execution for numerous key players from the European Energy sector: wind farm developers, floating installation companies, cable suppliers, transmission system operators, O&G installation companies and operators. We deliver the following activities for interconnectors, export cables, static and dynamic inter-array cables, in both AC and DC:

  • Cross-section design of Submarine cables, according to the applicable electrical, thermal and mechanical international standards
  • Global analysis of Submarine cables, including cable protection system design and analysis of all types of configurations for dynamic cables (lazy wave, pliant wave, steep S), stability analysis, free span, VIV, etc.
  • Engineering installations including site studies, CBRA, installation method design, analysis, risk assessment, interface management and Offshore site management, etc.
  • Owners’ engineering: preparation of calls for tender, CAPEX estimates, etc.

Empowering the Blue Economy with disruptive R&D

Our R&D talents are actively innovating in the Marine Renewable Energy sector with a strong focus on Submarine Power cable innovations.

Developing our own R&D programs is vital to the Blue Economy. The market is currently booming and therefore Aventa is exploring daily infinite and relevant ways to blue the Energy Mix.

Our R&D scenarios include Submarine Cable monitoring (temperature, burial depth, mechanical restrictions), biofouling, electromagnetism, maintenance, etc.

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