Launched in 2015, this Business Unit is dedicated to providing Engineering services for the Marine Energy Sector, with a core competence on Submarine cables. We gather teams from Aventa and our subsidiary Kraken to develop specific and tailored services for our clients to best answer their needs.

The Engineering BU is specialized in engineering consultancy services for the Marine Energy market. Our field of application includes:
• Submarine Cable Engineering
• Installation Engineering
• Metocean Services
• Disruptive Blue Economy R&D
• Subsea Umbilicals, Risers and Flowlines
• Pipelines
We have built a solid reputation over the years thanks to our long-term vision, focusing daily on technical excellence, our employees & contractors’ needs and on bringing innovative solutions to our customers.

Submarine Cable Engineering

Kraken is a dedicated Engineering company owned by Aventa with 30 years of experience with all types of subsea cables, including MV/HV DC/AC, Dynamic and Static Cables, Fiber Optic, etc.

Cable System Design/Engineering
• Cross Section Design
• System Design
• Global Analysis
• Local Analysis
• Dynamic Configuration
• Thermal Analysis
• Cable Routing
• Cable Protection

Cable Installation Engineering
• Installation Analysis
• CPS Design Verification
• Installation Methods Design
• HDD & trenching design for shore approach

Cable Route & Protection
• Cable Burial Risk Assessment (CBRA)
• Burial Assessment Study (BAS)
• Cable Soil Interaction
• Cable Protection Design (e.g. Rock
Berm, Concrete Mattresses, etc.)
• Cable Crossing Design

Advisory Services
• Concept / Feasibility / Pre-FEED
• Risk Analysis
• CAPEX & OPEX Estimate
• Owner Engineering
• Support to tender
• 3rd Party Technical Review
• Root Cause Analysis
• R&D and technology screening

Installation Engineering

Transportation & Installation Analysis
• Lifting & Deployment, flexibles/pipeline lay and
pull-in, etc.
• Modules Transportation Study (Weather Criteria
definition, route optimization, input for
structural fatigue analysis, etc.)
• Mooring systems design and verification
• Skidding Mooring and Station Keeping
• Weather Downtime Assessment

Installation Methods
• Detailed Procedures and Tasks Plan
• Storyboards and CAD
• Vessel selection and Deck Layout
• Contingency plans
• Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment –

Metocean Services

• Desktop/Feasibility Metocean Studies
• Definition of Metocean Conditions for specific sites and/or
sea transports (database or hindcast/modeling data)
• Nearshore Metocean Criteria
• Advanced Statistical Analyses
• Weather Downtime Assessment
• Wave/Hydrodynamics Modeling
• Wave diffraction/agitation Studies inside Port/Harbour
• Client Assistance, i.e. Forecast at site/along routes
• Spot Location Reports

Disruptive Blue Economy R&D

Our R&D talents are actively innovating in the Marine Renewable Energy sector with a strong focus on Submarine Power cable innovations.

Developing our own R&D programs is vital to the Blue Economy. The market is currently booming and therefore Aventa is exploring daily infinite and relevant ways to blue the Energy Mix.

Our R&D scenarios include Submarine Cable monitoring (temperature, burial depth, mechanical restrictions), biofouling, electromagnetism, maintenance, etc.

Subsea Umbilicals, Risers and Flowlines (SURF)

• Global Analysis
• Local Analysis
• Fatigue Analysis
• Installation Procedures
• Installation Analysis
• Mooring design and verification
• CAPEX Estimate
• Owner Engineering
• Support to tender
• 3rd Party Review


Shallow and dep water pipeline design

• Field layout development
• Pipeline routing
• Pipeline on-bottom stability
• Pipeline on-bottom roughness andstress analysis
• Pipeline free-span assessment and
fatigue analysis
• Pipeline crossing analysis

Advance Analysis
• Global buckling and walking
assessments, (including screening, pipeline
response FE analyses, design of mitigation
• Bend capacity FEA • Pipeline roll analyses

Istallation Analysis
• S-Lay / J-Lay / Reel Lay, Cable Installation analyses
• Shore pull, J-tube pull in, PLET, In-line Structures
Installation, A&R, Termination Analysis
• Flexible Riser Analysis
• Lifting and lowering analyses
• Deployment analysis
• AWTI, Stalk-on riser installation
• Fatigue accumulation during offshoreoperations (i.e., Slow Lay, Stand-by durations,..)
• Weather Stand-by Analysis
• Weld Repair analysis