Gathering our international experience of offshore projects and our network of experts, our Marine Operations Business Unit enhances our Clients’ Projects though custumized project management and offshore interventions.

Project Management

With our permanent staff of marine operation specialists, supported by
our engineering teams, we provide tailor-made offshore assistance
services to our clients, from on-spot intervention teams to the complete
supervision of your marine project.

  • Project execution, contract management, planning, cost estimation
  • Vessel selection based on cost/risk-based approach
  • Formal safety assessment& hazard identification, risk and opportunities analysis
  • Installation analysis, lifting analysis
  • Installation procedures: offshore transport, offshore lifting, moorings, power cable installation, burial, repair, pulling, etc.
  • Deck layouts, storyboard, task plans, and quality control plans
  • Vessel inspection and suitability survey
  • Supervision of offshore operations, interface with stakeholders, quality control, management of changes and non -conformance, daily reporting
  • Completion activities and Lessons Learned
  • QHSE management

Offshore Interventions

Aventa teams provide industry-leading experts within all scopes of
Marine Energy projects including:

• Client Representatives for all packages: Offshore surveys,
Inter-Array and Export Cables, Foundations, Scour
protection, WTG Installation
• Offshore Supervisors during construction phases: Offshore
InstallationManager, DOIM, Shift Supervisor, Lead Project
• Technicians & Specialists such as HV Cable Jointers, Fiber
Optics Technicians, Cable Technicians, Jointers Mates,
Riggers, ROV Technicians and Pilots.
• QSHE and project support personnelsuch as QHSE
Managers, Supervisors, Marine coordination personal,