Discover an overview of our expertise for each industry:

Aventa is a Group specialized in Marine Energies. We have oriented our development around diligent synergies between five main industries: Offshore Oil&Gas, Marine Renewable Energies, Offshore Telecom, Offshore Hydrogen production and Blue economy new technologies.

Marine Renewable Energies

Aventa is a true pioneer in this industry. We have been providing Engineering and Consultancy services since 2012 on major international projects and subsea solutions. We are proud to have participated in the ocean wind development with th first commercial Offshore Wind projects of the North Sea and the first Floating Offshore wind farm in the USA. The activities conducted by Aventa in this industry include:

  • Offshore Wind farm (fixed & floating)
  • Tidal
  • Wave energy converter
  • OTEC
  • Offshore hydrogen production
  • Offshore interconnectors

Offshore Hydrogen production

We are a leading provider of submarine cable solutions for the offshore hydrogen production sector. With a decade of experience in the industry, we offer reliable and cost-effective solutions for transmitting high voltage power, data, and communication. Our team of experts provides customized solutions to our clients, ensuring that their needs are met while maintaining the highest standards of safety and environmental sustainability. Our mission is to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future through the production of blue hydrogen.

Blue economy new technologies

Aventa is a key player of sustainable solutions in the blue economy sector. We help our clients unlock the full potential of the ocean’s resources by working on innovative projects such as green hydrogen, offshore wind energy, floating islands, offshore launching rocket platforms, fish farms, and other emerging ocean energy technologies. Our innovative solutions aim to mitigate the effects of climate change while supporting economic growth in the maritime industry. Our team of experts provide customized solutions that meet their specific needs, while ensuring the protection and preservation of the marine ecosystem.

Offshore Telecom

Aventa is highly active in the Offshore Telecom industry, currently booming worldwide with the recent 5G development. Our expertise is mainly dedicated to Submarine Telecom Cable installation.

Offshore Natural Gas

Aventa has a strong track record in Offshore Oil & Gas since 2011, especially in Deep water projects. Our ambition today is to help Operators develop the electrification of Offshore platforms and contribute to their Energy Mix transformation. Find below our main areas of expertise:

  • Floating Systems & Surface Facilities
  • Installation Systems
  • Subsea Umbilical Flowline Riser Systems
  • Subsea Production Systems
  • Inspection Maintenance & Repair
  • Fixed Platform Facilities
  • Offshore Platform Electrification