Vladlena Svetco

Junior Analysis Engineer

I felt welcomed by the Kraken team (Aventa group Engineering company) throughout my internship and upon my graduation I became a junior analysis engineer of the technical department. It is a unique opportunity firstly because of the enriching diversity of the team not only linked to the gender and cultural mix but also to the variety of experts in different offshore fields.

Brice François

Commissioning Manager

My job consists of the verification that everything is built to standards and to perform all the performance tests and tests before the installation goes into operation. Before I perform my work, I thoroughly prepare all my work so that nothing is forgotten. Before execution on site, engineering for Preparation is a very important step.
It is an exciting job because I work on all disciplines, piping, electricity, mechanics, system… on material from around but not limited to only one discipline.

Simone Lombardo

System Design Engineer

I have worked for Aventa since 2019. My experience has been very positive since the beginning.
The recruiting process was smart, efficient and oriented to assess what we can bring to each other. What do I socially appreciate more of Aventa? The fact that is a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone can feel equally involved in and supported in all areas, with no exception!
What do I like more of being an engineering consultant? The fact of being involved in challenging activities with highly confidential data, that need to be addressed by a combination of analytical way of thinking, the ability to zoom out and to look at a problem from different angles. The results, in contrast, needs to be communicated in concise and effective manner. In one word, work as engineering consultant requires high versatility.

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