We help our employees build a career path, along with them and tailored to their needs and ambition.

Our Top 4 priorities

Career and evolution

Since day one, Aventa’s founders’ philosophy relies on helping each staff member develop a customized career path that fully enhances their potential and aspirations. Thanks to the “Aventa Academy” program, we train and certify our engineers and Offshore consultants to reinforce their skills or and/or to enable them to have a smooth transition from Fossil Energy to Marine Renewables.

Health, Medical Treatment and Evacuation Assistance

Aventa thoroughly follows international standards in terms of international medical assistance. We provide all of our employees with top-notch medical insurance, such as BUPA O&G Gold, offering the best medical and evacuation coverage.

We also partnered with insurance companies such as International SOS, or Europ Assistance to ensure our employees and their families’ well-being and tranquility.

Financial and payroll guarantee

As we value relationships of trust with our hard-working staff, their financial comfort and safety is important to us. We guarantee all of our staff and suppliers that they will receive their full payment, safely and in time, no matter where they are mobilized in the world.

Assistance and coverage

Employees are mobilized on missions once they are fully covered by the best personal and professional insurances.

Our clients can also be reassured that the personnel is properly insured when on a mission. We offer full tranquility to both our clients and our employees by automatically double-checking all insurance-related matters. Our teams have been specifically trained and are up-to-date on the latest regulations.

Our deep knowledge of the Marine Renewable Energy industry enables us to anticipate potential problems and find the most adapted solutions. We are highly experienced in handling logistical, administrative and fiscal issues.

Aventa teams offer full support to our contractors and staff, during the entire mobilization process with proven solutions. Thanks to our extensive network of valued partners, we cover all countries and world regions.

Our employees’ safety during their international missions is our number one priority. Thanks to our dedicated teams and Top global partners, we ensure that our staff works and travels in the best possible conditions at any given time. We follow governmental and diplomatic recommendations strictly and avoid any no-go areas.