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Fecamp Offshore Wind Farm

Role Definition

As a general governing principle, the ER shall at all times :

  • Ensure that the Work is carried out safely, and following Employer Requirements
  • Represent the Employers Company’s best interests onboard.
  • Stop the works if he considers the work cannot be carried out in a safe ways
  • Act as the Focal point of communication between the Contractor’s vessel and the Employer;

Prior to his mobilisation onboard the vessel performing the Work, each ER shall have read, understood and be familiar with the following :

  • Employer specifications and requirements, the scope of Work, the relevant method statements, ITP, Risk Assessments as required
  • Contract clauses related to the execution of the Work, and in the perimeter defined in the Project specific Job Description.
  • Any other specific points of attention raised by the Project.
  • In addition, ER shall be familiar and skilled to achieve the following tasks as part of its role to assist and represent the Employer – more detailed activities to be defined in the JD:
  • Coordinate vessel inspections, verify consistency and completeness of vessel compliance report and implementation of all corrective measures.
  • Supervise vessel trials and pre-operation tests and specific vessel preparation.
  • Verify readiness of the vessel and the equipment before staring any operations
  • Assist shore base to establish the Employer personnel rotation plan to cover the vessel campaign.
  • Participates to hazard assessments for any activity involving the vessel.
  • Verify completeness and consistency of the dossier of all deliverables/documents/procedures applicable and required for the Work.
  • Verify completeness and consistency of all SIMOPS/COMOPS dossier required for dedicated operations and coordinate with head quarter for any SIMOPS/COMOPS purpose.
  • Ensure proper coordination with MWS as required prior to vessel mobilization.
  • Verify Employer provided items availability for operations.
  • Participate to the selection of representatives on-board the vessels
  • Deliver Employers project safety brief / commitments to all vessel crew prior to commencing works

As part of his role to supervise the Work, the ER will be responsible for the following tasks :

  • Ensure that the work is carried out by the Contractor as per the approved method statements and associated risk assessments:
  • Ensure that the weather limits are properly monitored as contractually defined & that it is properly recorded in the contractor’s DPR.
  • Ensure storage and transmission to the Employer of those parameters
  • In case of procedures not being followed by the Contractor, follow the Contractor’s management of change procedure and its implementation.
  • Validate any change to these procedures and requirements as per applicable MOC specific procedures.
  • Be responsible for NCR mechanism implementation by Employer on board vessel,
  • Attend daily meetings with the Contractor and analyses progress of the works and validate all sequence/planning changes.
  • Maintain and record all parameters relevant for the validation of satisfactory completion of the work including offshore as-built records satisfying the QA and final reporting requirements of the project on board vessel.
  • Assess, report and declare satisfactory completion of the Work, with intermediate validation when applicable and following Project specific Certificate / ITP process of acceptance. When applicable, list deviation, hold point and liaise with Employer for any outstanding items.
  • Manage and coordinate MWS services activities on-board vessel.
  • Review / comment / sign Contractor’s Daily Progress Reports (and more generally all Contractor’s documentation issued onboard);

As part of his role onboard, the ER shall :

  • Liaise on a daily basis with offshore construction management of the Employer, as well as the Installation coordinator of the package, following daily call / reporting as required by the Project (for more detail on direct line of reporting, please refer to the Job Description)
  • Represent Employer towards potential third parties (maritime authorities, customs, visitors) coming onboard or at port-call;
  • Follow up management of interface of all marine assets working on Site including Contractor, third party vessels, support vessels, as well as Employer’s other Contractors vessels.
  • Follow up, management of interface with all logistics support activities of Employer and any other party that could interfere with marine operations (inc. fisherman.)
  • Track the Employer items on board and coordinate with relevant team representative for any required purpose.
  • Liaise with the Marine coordination to Prepare/validate the access permit as required.
  • Coordinate Employer personnel transfer with onshore logistics.



Location : Offshore (Fecamp - France)

  • Start as soon as possible
  • Duration: June 2023
  • Location: Fecamp (Offshore)
  • Country: France
  • Contract type: Contractor
  • Seniority level: Client Representative
  • Field of activity: Offshore Renewable Energy
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