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Role Definition

  • GIS developer / GIS engineer with python scripting capabilities (and if possible with web publication capabilities). The candidate shall NOT BE web developper (full stack).
  • The candidate will be technically tested on both general ArcGIS Pro/server knowledge but also by producing GIS python script tests.
  • Development of data management tools under ArcGIS technologies, toolboxes with dedicated libraries. Interest for parallelization script optimization, unitary tests, quality, artificial intelligence, API, XML, JSON and data modellization.
  • Interest for web publication activities under ArcGIS Server technologies.
  • Working within existing working frame, GIS quality process, leaded by experienced python developpers (WEB/DEV team).
  • Working in a strict and exigant department, with devlopment roadmap, needs understanding report, script testing, and with deadlines. Some python development could be part of digital projects managed by the Head of Department.


  • English scripting, document writing and oral/written presentation in English. TOEIC level (>850).
  • ArcGIS Pro / Server practices.
  • GIS engineer grade demanded or GIS scripting work experiences.
  • Development and scripting with arcpy, matplotib, pandas or other libraries.
  • Script development with python between 3 and 7 as minimum.
  • Knowledge about API and protocols, servers, web application, scripts good practices, data modelization.
  • AGILE workflows, UML and MERISE.
  • Data Management.


Location : Paris area

  • Start as soon as possible
  • Duration: 12 months (extendable) - Permanent Contract Possible
  • Location: Paris (Saint Quentin en Yvelines)
  • Country: France
  • Seniority level: Junior Engineer, Senior Engineer
  • Field of activity: Offshore / subsea oil &gas
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