Role Definition

Activity 1: Manage the construction site office – From Nov 2023 to nov 2026

  • Manage local resources, facilities, interface with authorities (port authorities, PREMAR, Carene, CROSS…etc).
  • Act as the project representative vis-a-vis the local authorities and officials.
  • Smooth day to day operations.
  • Drive the daily marine coordination meeting and PTW meetings.
  • Daily and close communication/reporting with project management team in head office.
  • Meetings with authorities

Activity 2: Coordination of offshore operations –  From Nov 2023 to nov 2026

  • Coordinate with Package T&I Managers (Foundations, OSS, IA Cables, Wind Turbines) to plan then safely execute the offshore operation campaigns in Dieppe Le Treport project.
  • Have a transverse and overall vision of the offshore construction activities in Dieppe Le Treport project in order to consolidate and anticipate the needs of project users in terms of offshore logistics (CTV, Guard vessels, SOV…etc) and also in terms of onshore logistics prior mobilization (hosting and accommodation of personnel via the local admin, material management…etc).
  • Drive the PTW and SIMOPS prioritization based on the project critical path in case of SIMOPs and/or conflicting works.
  • Smooth day to day operations.
  • Drive the daily marine coordination meeting and PTW meetings.
  • Daily and close communication/reporting with project management team in head office.
  • Meetings with authorities

Activity 3: Planning – As needed – till nov 2026

  • Have a problem-solving mindset to respond timely to any unplanned issues during day-to-day activities e.g. mobilizing vessels and personnel under short notice.
  • Timely support to offshore operation to meet project milestones

Participation to Meetings & Workshops

In order to ensure a continuous communication between the Client and the Service Provider, a series of meetings will be organised by Client throughout the duration of the Contract. Attendance and participation to these meetings will be key to ensure communication and alignment between the parties.

1. Coordination Meetings

Among the recurrent meetings organised by Client, the Service Provider may be requested to attend to daily / weekly / monthly coordination meetings. These meetings will aim at:

  •  Coordination of day-to-day activities
  •  Sharing progress updates with project team
  •  Measuring performance of the Contract execution
  •  Holding discussions on challenges, difficulties, lessons learnt.

From time to time, the coordination meetings could be face-to-face meetings or through conference call or teleconference call.


The agenda of coordination meetings is at this stage preliminary and will be fine-tuned all along contract execution,

The frequency of these meetings may vary (increased, decreased or even suspended) during periods when exchanges do not seem to be necessary.

2. Adhoc Meetings & Workshops

In addition, various ad-hoc meetings or workshops will also take place. If Client judges it relevant, the Service Provider will be requested to attend to these ad-hoc meetings.


Dieppe Le Treport + déplacements pour meeting avec l'équipe projet à Paris

  • Start as soon as possible
  • Duration: 3 years - long term assignment
  • Location: Dieppe and Paris
  • Country: France
  • Contract type: Contractor
  • Seniority level: Senior Engineer, Lead Engineer
  • Field of activity: Offshore Renewable Energy